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Community Development & User Experience Workgroup[edit]

Workgroup Charter[edit]

The Community Development & User Experience Workgroup was created to improve usability of GNU Radio, make the community experience inclusive and fun and make sure we provide all necessary resources to allow people to join our efforts in order to create the best free software radio package out there.

Stated Goals[edit]

  • Create a friendly and productive environment for users to participate
  • Provide sufficient resources for users to be able to learn, use and extend GNU Radio as easily as sensible
  • Increase the user base both in number and diversity

Mode of operations[edit]

Unlike other WGs, this group does not necessarily meet regularly, but rather, individual topics or projects are identified, which are usually handled by a spin-off task force.

Current and upcoming projects[edit]

  • We are currently developing a set of official tutorials for beginners, Guided Tutorials
  • Next will be a revamping of the launching page

GRCon '13 Results[edit]


GRCon '14 Results[edit]

  • Extend support infrastructure to Stack Overflow
    • Please, please all help with this. Samantha Palazzolo has volunteered to lead this effort
  • Create presentation kit. This would help people who want to go to maker faires, ham fests, or other cons and present stuff on GNU Radio. Such a kit could include an RTLSDR, GNU Radio Live DVDs, posters (which need to be designed). A task force will be created.
  • Make a GNU Radio starter bundle available. A simple thing would be a combination of an RTLSDR and a Live DVD which could be sold as such a bundle.
  • Improve documentation. Unfortunately, there was little time to actually identify specific action items. Jens Elsner has volunteered to check other free software websites to see if their documentation has stuff we could use.

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