WBFM Receive PLL

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Hierarchical block for demodulating a broadcast FM signal.

The input is the downconverted complex baseband signal (gr_complex).

The output is the demodulated audio (float)

Compared to WBFM Receive, this one does a full stereo demodulation.


Quadrature Rate
Input sample rate of complex baseband input. (float)
Audio Decimation
How much to decimate quad_rate to get to audio. (integer)

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph shows the stereo version of the WBFM receiver. The flowgraph file can be found in https://github.com/duggabe/gnuradio/blob/issue3593/gr-analog/examples/USRP_FM_stereo.grc

USRP FM stereo pll.png

Source Files

Python files
Block definition