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This block will create an XMLRPC client. The client will execute the callback on the server when the variable is changed.

The callback should be a the name of a function registered on the server. The variable should be an expression containing a the name of a variable in flow graph.


(R): Run-time adjustable

Address of the server (default: localhost)
Port of the server (default: 8080)
Callback (R)
Name of the distant function (default: set_)
Variable (R)
Name of the local variable (default: empty)

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph is for version 3.9+

The 'siggen_controller_xmlrpc_client.grc' flowgraph should be used in conjunction with the 'siggen_xmlrpc_server.grc' flowgraph. Both are located in the 'gr-blocks/examples/xmlrpc' directory in GNURadio. Upon execution this flowgraph opens a GUI window with a single GUI Range slider. When the slider in the client flowgraph is moved, the XMLRPC Client Block sends SET messages to the specified XMLRPC server. If the server is running and can be accessed on the specified IP address/port, the SET commands will change the value of the frequency ('rmt_freq') variable in the server flowgraph. This will be reflected in the GUI window on the server flowgraph (see XMLRPC_Server).

Xmlrpc client.png

Source Files[edit]

Block definition