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Co-processors and hardware acceleration Working Group[edit]

The Co-Processors Working Group (CoProcWG) was created to try to deal with the expanding number of co-processors being used in conjunction with GNURadio to accelerate signal processing, with the goal of both coordinating efforts to reduce duplication of work, as well as to push up changes to mainline GNURadio to facilitate more efficient processing.


  • Improve efficiency of co-processor support in GR
    • Enable access/control of buffers by co-processor developers
  • Support a variety of use-cases
    • Some co-processors have advanced memory management, some don't. We want to allow co-processor developers to support both cases.
    • Hardware specific code should reside in OOT modules
    • Hardware agnostic code can reside in mainline GR



The initial meeting was during GRCon'13, with a second meeting at GRCon'14, and a third meeting at GrCon'15.