Random PDU Generator

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Sends a random PDU once at startup and then every time it receives a message.

Note for 3.10 This block has been moved from gr-blocks to gr-pdu, which causes a name change of the id. See Porting_Existing_Flowgraphs_to_a_Newer_Version#PDU_blocks_moved_from_gr-blocks_to_gr-pdu for details.


Min Bytes
Minimum number of bytes to output
Max Bytes
Maximum number of bytes to output.
Byte mask
The output bytes are the result of an AND operation between the generated numbers and this mask.
Length Modulo
Makes the length of the output PDU to be a multiple of the specified number. The length also cannot be lower than that number.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph can be found at [1]

Pdu tools demo fg.png

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