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This block is essentially just a File Source with some SigMF specific documentation. In order to read in a SigMF file using this block, you must open the .sigmf-meta file associated with the recording in a text editor, and note the value next to core:datatype. Based on this value, set the "Output Type" parameter to the following-

cf32_le -> complex rf32_le -> float ri16_le -> short ci16_le -> short, and add an iShort to Complex block right after this block

For the "File" parameter, enter in the .sigmf-data file name (and optionally path). You can leave the rest of the block parameters default.

For more information on SigMF see

The rest of this documentation comes from File_Source.


(R): Run-time adjustable

file name
Output Type
type: [complex, float, short, short]
size: [gr.sizeof_gr_complex, gr.sizeof_float, gr.sizeof_short, gr.sizeof_short]
default: 'True'
options: ['Yes', 'No']
Add begin tag
default: pmt.PMT_NIL
default: '0'

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