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This is for notes on GR documentation.
= Tutorials 2.0 =
== Content we need to create or extract from existing work ==
I think Guided_Tutorial_GNU_Radio_in_C++ can be used now for the Writing blocks in C++ (for 3.7)
see Cyrille and my discussion on Slack #docs on Wednesday 1/15 about Writing the XML file for a block (for 3.7)
*  '''Writing flowgraphs in C++''' (new to 3.8)
== "Recycle Bin", content we no longer link to that we may eventually just delete ==
I added a gnuradio-companion error msg in https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/InstallingGR#To_install_system_wide
* [[Guided_Tutorial_GNU_Radio_in_Python|Programming GNU Radio in Python]]
* https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/Guided_Tutorial_GNU_Radio_in_C%2B%2B
* [[TutorialsRemoteGUI|Remote GRC Operations]] - needs updating!
* gr-tutorial notes for 3.8
* [[UsingVim|Using VIM plugins for GNU Radio development]]
* [[TutorialsQTGUI|QTGUI Tutorial]] - A tutorial on how to develop Python GNU Radio applications.
*  these are the places I found where 3.7 and 3.8 are different.
* [http://www.trondeau.com/gr-tutorial/ Tom Rondeau's gr-tutorial] - Some tutorials from the boss himself.
* [[Guided_Tutorial_Extras_Sample_Rates#E2.3._A_Note_on_Resampling]] - covered by Understanding sample rate
* [[TutorialsCoreConcepts|Core concepts of GNU Radio applications]] - content used in other pages
~ $ gr_modtool newmod tutorial
* [[TutorialsWritePythonApplications|WritePythonApplications]] - content used in other pages
Creating out-of-tree module in ./gr-tutorial...
* [[OutOfTreeModulesConfig|Tutorial on how to configure OOT packages to find and link against GNU Radio]] - for 3.7; also, most of the content is covered in Writing blocks in C++
* [[TutorialPythonFunctions|Writing a Python Function for GRC]] - for 3.7; content used in other pages; it doesn't work as written!
Use 'gr_modtool add' to add a new block to this currently empty module.
* [[TutorialsDebugging|How to debug your applications]] - not well written; would need major rework and update
* [http://www.brainshark.com/SPS/vu?pi=zH8zQcV8dzAXPbz0 VOLK Introduction] - bad link
~/gr-tutorial $ ls
apps  cmake  CMakeLists.txt  docs  examples  grc  include  lib  MANIFEST.md  python  swig
~/gr-tutorial $ gr_modtool add my_qpsk_demod_cb
GNU Radio module name identified: tutorial
('sink', 'source', 'sync', 'decimator', 'interpolator', 'general', 'tagged_stream', 'hier', 'noblock')
Enter block type: general
Language (python/cpp): cpp
Language: C++
Block/code identifier: my_qpsk_demod_cb
Please specify the copyright holder: gnuradio.org
Enter valid argument list, including default arguments:
bool gray_code
Add Python QA code? [Y/n] Y
Add C++ QA code? [y/N] N
Adding file 'lib/my_qpsk_demod_cb_impl.h'...
Adding file 'lib/my_qpsk_demod_cb_impl.cc'...
Adding file 'include/tutorial/my_qpsk_demod_cb.h'...
Editing swig/tutorial_swig.i...
Adding file 'python/qa_my_qpsk_demod_cb.py'...
Editing python/CMakeLists.txt...
Adding file 'grc/tutorial_my_qpsk_demod_cb.block.yml'...
Editing grc/CMakeLists.txt...
* and, of course, we need the YAML file instead of the XML file

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Tutorials 2.0

Content we need to create or extract from existing work

  • Writing flowgraphs in C++ (new to 3.8)

"Recycle Bin", content we no longer link to that we may eventually just delete