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(this is the old Tutorial listing, the new Tutorials page should include everything here unless it was recreated)

GNU Radio Academy[edit]

The following sequence of tutorials will carry a new user through the core GNU Radio concepts, while providing examples along the way. If you already have experience with GNU Radio, feel free to skip the first several.

  1. A Brief Introduction to GNU Radio, SDR, and DSP
  2. Introduction to GNU Radio Usage: GRC and Flowgraphs
  3. Porting Existing Flowgraphs to a Newer Version
  4. Understanding Sample Rate
  5. IQ and Complex Signals
  6. Simulation Examples (we recommend going through at least one):
  7. Using GNU Radio with Hardware
  8. Understanding a Flowgraph's Python Code
  9. Writing your own block (using Embedded Python Block)
  10. Polymorphic Types (PMTs)
  11. Stream Tags
  12. Message Passing
  13. Understanding ZMQ Blocks
  14. Remote Control and Automation of Flowgraphs with XMLRPC
  15. Packet Communications
  16. Out of Tree modules
  17. Writing the XML file for a block (for 3.7) or Writing the YAML file for a block (for 3.8+)
  18. Writing blocks in C++

Developer Resources[edit]